Galaxy View 2
The Samsung Galaxy View 2 is a new 17-inch 1080p tablet that’s being sold by AT&T, reports Engadget. Its size means that it’s essentially a portable TV that happens to be an Android tablet. AT&T is no doubt hoping you’ll use it to watch the company’s upcoming streaming service, or else its existing, and increasingly embattled, DirecTV Now service.
As the name implies, this isn’t Samsung’s first attempt at a weird TV / tablet hybrid. The original Galaxy View was released back in 2015. Although we could get behind the concept it felt overpriced at $599. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to improve this time.
Galaxy S10 5g
5G is short for “fifth generation mobile network” and is set to be the fastest network yet. 5G’s super-fast speeds, capacity and low latency are going to change the way we use data for gaming, movies, apps, downloads and high definition video streaming.
To put it simply, 5G’s going to get more data to more people, more quickly and the fact that it’ll be able to support around 1000 more phones per meter than 4G means you’ll get a stronger signal in crowded places like football matches and music festivals.
Galaxy S10e
The Galaxy S10e introduces a new flat 5.8” Full HD+ screen Infinity-O Display for immersive viewing. It’s minimalist, almost endless and crafted from flawless glass. It stretches from side to side with no home button, no notch and a simple dot opening for the front camera.
The Galaxy S10e will keep every memory in crisp and clear detail. It has a front 10MP camera, 2 rear cameras and features a 16MP ultra-wide lens. Shed light on every scene and capture moments as you see them. From shooting in Super Slow-mo to adding flair with filters, the Galaxy S10e also lets you get creative.
You can also bring your friend's phone back to life if it's drained with PowerShare. Stack your Galaxy Watch on top of your Galaxy S10e and charge them at the same time. Or top up your Galaxy Buds when you're on the move.